To do list

1. I read about this store called Smash that does savage arts and design.  We must visit soon.  The Lambretta in their window is screaming CUTE!

2. The red snake quilt decoration Mom bought from Beijing ages ago has been hiding in the storage for too long.  It's time for me to retrieve it.  I have a perfect spot for it.  It'll look so nice with the two paintings we bought from Xi Tang.  I'll show you a picture when it's up.

3. I also got an idea for the felt I bought from Shanghai last time.  It's time to turn that into action.  

4. Mend the vintage dress.  The hole is officially too big to wear even in the house.

5. Stop being lazy and start bringing a notebook with me when I use the Lubitel and LC-A to jot down my setting for each photo.  This is how I learn to take better photos right?

6.  Is it time for farmer's market yet?  How about the market this Saturday?

Frida worked from home today.  During our afternoon conference call we heard bird chirping jollily in the background.  For the rest of the meeting I just couldn't help but think of the sunlight sifting through the beautiful tinted window in her kitchen and the birds sitting on the branch right outside of it.  The picture in my head was so lovely I didn't want to come back to work.  Then I thought, if I didn't start writing on this blog again, I would have forgotten about this perfect picture in my head and by night when I try to think of all the nice things that happened today, this would have probably slip my mind.  I think it's a good decision to write.  It helps me remember all the beauties in this world.


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