At about 1:45, our building started shaking.  Shaking left and right, rather than up and down like last time when the wall next to Salad King fell.  
If you felt the quake like I did, tell me. 
What were you thinking
Whose face did you have in your mind
at that moment when the worst could have happened?
Was it a face of your loved one?
Geography you took in grade 10?  
Was it your cats at home?
Or your sister abroad?

The fact is, I wasn't sure what was the right thing to do at this moment.  
Hiding under my desk or getting out of the building, if bad things happen they will happen anyway.
I don't know if it's normal for me to think this way, that if things happen they happen - if we die we die.

my heart was pounding, showing the sign that I was very much alive.
Life's ironic this way, isn't it?
Maybe D was right, that there's nothing wrong with being cautious, and do something rather than sit there.
Maybe I just don't have that kind of instinct, when it comes to life and death.

My mind unavoidably wonder back to the start, like what's meant to be what can be avoided.

Perhaps this is another evidence that your personality and personal choice leads to your fate,
a logic that goes in circle, but so true.

If I died today, because my building collapsed,
is it meant to be, fate, or bad decision making?

I do not know anymore.


More about earthquake near Ottawa: here


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