It took me 31 years
to realize that
birthday is a celebration of motherhood
being born is worth celebrating
but if not for my mom who nurtured me in her for 10 months
there wouldn't be much to celebrate

I miss her dearly
Been imagining her sending me an email
and perhaps a card as well
calling me in the morning
when she's sure I'll be home

I wish I realize earlier
how much she's done for me
and how little I appreciated it
like really appreciate it

I was an awful daughter

I try not to blame myself too much
But today, allow me

From that year, 2009,
namely my 30th birthday, and on
my birthdays will be filled with some smiles and some tears
because thirty some years ago
my mother gave birth to me
without knowing, perhaps,
that her life and passion for life
was numbered ever since

let me remember and appreciate
that my birthday is a celebration of mom


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