Bits of my weekend

Let me tell you about my perfect weekend.  Because we didn't use our Canon 50D, I can only describe.
Restorative yoga with Catherine was relaxing.  I felt my entire body resonating with everyone at the end of the practice.  
And the energy was so powerful it stayed with me for the entire weekend.

Baked this dreamy cream scones for a brunch at Lori's house.
Learned to eat with one hand while holding a baby with the other.
Played some basketball with petit beau Keiren.
The twins are looking more alike than 5 weeks ago.  
Sat in the backyard with friends and watched the moon came out.
"The Daddy moon," said Kieren.
Breezy late spring afternoon and water with cucumber slices.
BBQ dinner with the most content family.

Sunday brunch at Gilead Cafe, the sky was so blue clouds so light.
Plus a cup of coffee from the Merchants of Green.
Then we went to the antique market,
to look at knobs and cameras.
Found a Mamiya 645j
and decided to come back next week.
Went home and did laundry,
I was quite impressed with the new washers' capacity (but not the leak)
I made some pizza again -
this time rosemary potatoes with onion, and duck breast with mozzarella and caramelized onion.
Also cleaned the living room, when it's full of sunlight;
and made a new dessert, which I learned from the chef from here.
When Yves came home we played some Mario Galaxy 2
and then we went to sleep.
In my dream I was home with mom
getting ready to go out and shop.

It was the perfect kind of weekend, happened in June 2010.


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