We had a little fun near Ossignton with mm the other day.
being silly

where are you kicking?

we had fun

And then we picked some basils. 

Basil picking

At about 1:45, our building started shaking.  Shaking left and right, rather than up and down like last time when the wall next to Salad King fell.  
If you felt the quake like I did, tell me. 
What were you thinking
Whose face did you have in your mind
at that moment when the worst could have happened?
Was it a face of your loved one?
Geography you took in grade 10?  
Was it your cats at home?
Or your sister abroad?

The fact is, I wasn't sure what was the right thing to do at this moment.  
Hiding under my desk or getting out of the building, if bad things happen they will happen anyway.
I don't know if it's normal for me to think this way, that if things happen they happen - if we die we die.

my heart was pounding, showing the sign that I was very much alive.
Life's ironic this way, isn't it?
Maybe D was right, that there's nothing wrong with being cautious, and do something rather than sit there.
Maybe I just don't have that kind of instinct, when it comes to life and death.

My mind unavoidably wonder back to the start, like what's meant to be what can be avoided.

Perhaps this is another evidence that your personality and personal choice leads to your fate,
a logic that goes in circle, but so true.

If I died today, because my building collapsed,
is it meant to be, fate, or bad decision making?

I do not know anymore.


More about earthquake near Ottawa: here

Let me tell you about my perfect weekend.  Because we didn't use our Canon 50D, I can only describe.
Restorative yoga with Catherine was relaxing.  I felt my entire body resonating with everyone at the end of the practice.  
And the energy was so powerful it stayed with me for the entire weekend.

Baked this dreamy cream scones for a brunch at Lori's house.
Learned to eat with one hand while holding a baby with the other.
Played some basketball with petit beau Keiren.
The twins are looking more alike than 5 weeks ago.  
Sat in the backyard with friends and watched the moon came out.
"The Daddy moon," said Kieren.
Breezy late spring afternoon and water with cucumber slices.
BBQ dinner with the most content family.

Sunday brunch at Gilead Cafe, the sky was so blue clouds so light.
Plus a cup of coffee from the Merchants of Green.
Then we went to the antique market,
to look at knobs and cameras.
Found a Mamiya 645j
and decided to come back next week.
Went home and did laundry,
I was quite impressed with the new washers' capacity (but not the leak)
I made some pizza again -
this time rosemary potatoes with onion, and duck breast with mozzarella and caramelized onion.
Also cleaned the living room, when it's full of sunlight;
and made a new dessert, which I learned from the chef from here.
When Yves came home we played some Mario Galaxy 2
and then we went to sleep.
In my dream I was home with mom
getting ready to go out and shop.

It was the perfect kind of weekend, happened in June 2010.

1. I read about this store called Smash that does savage arts and design.  We must visit soon.  The Lambretta in their window is screaming CUTE!

2. The red snake quilt decoration Mom bought from Beijing ages ago has been hiding in the storage for too long.  It's time for me to retrieve it.  I have a perfect spot for it.  It'll look so nice with the two paintings we bought from Xi Tang.  I'll show you a picture when it's up.

3. I also got an idea for the felt I bought from Shanghai last time.  It's time to turn that into action.  

4. Mend the vintage dress.  The hole is officially too big to wear even in the house.

5. Stop being lazy and start bringing a notebook with me when I use the Lubitel and LC-A to jot down my setting for each photo.  This is how I learn to take better photos right?

6.  Is it time for farmer's market yet?  How about the market this Saturday?

Frida worked from home today.  During our afternoon conference call we heard bird chirping jollily in the background.  For the rest of the meeting I just couldn't help but think of the sunlight sifting through the beautiful tinted window in her kitchen and the birds sitting on the branch right outside of it.  The picture in my head was so lovely I didn't want to come back to work.  Then I thought, if I didn't start writing on this blog again, I would have forgotten about this perfect picture in my head and by night when I try to think of all the nice things that happened today, this would have probably slip my mind.  I think it's a good decision to write.  It helps me remember all the beauties in this world.

This frame I stole from Devon has been sitting around purposelessly for way too long. This day I finally decided to bring some purpose to its life.

1. Paint the frame white. Here I use Sherwin Williams' Quali-kote in Extra White.
paint the frame

2. Let it dry overnight.

3. Cut a piece of chalkboard sticker paper the size of your frame. These ones I got from DeSerres were perfect for my frame.

4. Stick the chalkboard paper on the back and put the frame back together. If your frame does not have a back, use thick bristol board or just cut out the size on a clean pizza box in my case.

Here's my framed blackboard.
DIY chalkboard

One of the reason to start this blog again has to be to store and share beautiful things I see online.
It's so easy to make me happy since so many things are pretty to me.
You see, I'm not very good at making pretty things, so my jaw drops every time I see something nice on Etsy.

Such as the ceramics made by Cynthia Vardhan, recently featured by design*sponge.  

Photo from http://www.etsy.com/listing/48040310/single-peacock-green-bud-vase

I love the detail and the visual and sensual feel of the raised pattern.  Just by looking at it makes me want to run my fingers across the hand decorated pattern.  I think I might have found the perfect gift for Kym and Chris' wedding.  What do you think?


Also, this is out!  Photostream from the Workroom Photobooth.  Celine is such a great photographer!


I don't use Twitter.  But I do like birds and branches.

through here:


I'm sorry my darling Linus.  I love you, I promise.
Tonight, however, you are sleeping in the bathroom.
You've been spraying/peeing on the ground a lot recently.
You even sprayed on Yves' yoga mat and my Club Monaco clutch.

We know it's not your fault that you weren't neutered, 
but until we know what to do with the problem,
you are sleeping in the bathroom.

Ingredients that make a good Sunday:

~Nice weather

~One or two of my favorite people or cats

~An outfit that makes me feel pretty and comfortable
my dog

~A good cup of coffee
coffee break

~Usually start with a good brunch

~one of: farmer's market, craft sale, Urban outfitter, vintage shop
sunny with clouds

~ My cameras

~And it almost always happens on Queen East, Queen West, or Kensington Market.
at Magic Pony

drawing - still life
Originally uploaded by chirpy bird
Thursday, I attended my first art class at Maria's studio.

Maria: What would you like to paint.
Me: I don't know. I haven't painted for a long time and I used to get a D in art class.
Maria: It's ok, perhaps we can start by drawing with charcoal?
Me: (Not sounding convinced at all) Okee.
Maria: here, draw this marble head. Why not the vase and fake flowers as well?
Me: -_-" serious?

2 hours later, I left the studio with this drawing (painted with pastel) in my hands, feeling a tad more confident.

Let's see what happens 4 weeks later.

With the new job came an extra 2 hours to my weekday and even more free time to my head. All of a sudden there's a rush of creativity in me looking for a gap to vent. So one day I bought a small quart of white paint and looked around the apartment for things to paint on and broken things to mend.

So there's this:

DIY - bedside table

and then there's this:

DIY - bedside table 2



Conclusion: I need some art classes. What do you say?


It took me 31 years
to realize that
birthday is a celebration of motherhood
being born is worth celebrating
but if not for my mom who nurtured me in her for 10 months
there wouldn't be much to celebrate

I miss her dearly
Been imagining her sending me an email
and perhaps a card as well
calling me in the morning
when she's sure I'll be home

I wish I realize earlier
how much she's done for me
and how little I appreciated it
like really appreciate it

I was an awful daughter

I try not to blame myself too much
But today, allow me

From that year, 2009,
namely my 30th birthday, and on
my birthdays will be filled with some smiles and some tears
because thirty some years ago
my mother gave birth to me
without knowing, perhaps,
that her life and passion for life
was numbered ever since

let me remember and appreciate
that my birthday is a celebration of mom

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