1. watch this movie: http://www.sekaihatokidoki.com/
2. go to NYC and have a popicle: http://www.pop-bar.com/index.php
3. learn Spanish in Spain for 2 months
4. paint
5. master Lightroom and organize our photos
6. Fan ring from Urban Outfitter

7. I want to see everything like I've never seen it before, and be curious.
8. Have you visited Google today?

I'm excited about the double exposure project Nikko and I are going to do this summer. Excited and a little worried. The LC-A is still like a little monster to me. Sometimes I still have no idea how to get the exact color/look that I want. We'll see by around September how the films will turn out!

I adore summer in Ontario. Someone once told me that a cold, dreary winter is what makes summer more enjoyable. Or maybe I said that myself. Well, isn't it so true that, without distinct season, there wouldn't be a favorite season to look forward to every year? We in Canada long for the summer, for summer means shorts and sun glasses, patio and cold beer, strawberry picking and backyard barbecue, the feel of dipping yourself in the refreshing lake and the smell of campfire in your hair.

This is our 3rd time at the Organics Family Farm.  Check their blog to see what's available for picking. 
mini strawberries

Small but sweet and safe.
prettiest fruit
random weed
wild flowers 1

There's also organic meat.  And homemade butter tart and berry pies!  I had 2 of the butter tarts but forgot to get them in a photo.
Happy ducks
wild flowers 2
nap time

Playing with cattails.
cat tail
wild flowers 4

It's the start of raspberry season. 
The wind keeps blowing and it's hard to get a picture that's in focus.
blown away

pick me!

Pretty raspberry flowers and how they turn into the fruit that tastes so good.
Raspberry flower

It's the Stouffville Strawberry Festival and Canada. Everyone came out and everyone knows each other here. How cool.
Rollin Stoves

This cow is labelled llama.

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