Being a photographer is more that knowing how to take photos with your DSLR though. This much I've learned.  As someone who is too careless/carefree with her camera, and an "assistant" to the boyfriend who has a passion for his 50D, I decided to learn photo editing.  By learn of course I mean self-learn.This is my first more serious photo editing project.  I never learned to edit photos with Photoshop and the most "professional" thing I have done is to run an Action someone has so kindly written and share online for free to make it look antique-y, faded, or stylishly b/w.  This time I'm making use of the Lightroom 3 we just got to do some touch up on photos Yves took at our friends' wedding.  I learn new tricks that come with LR3 as I go, such as the very useful local touch up functions.  Now I can't wait to go back and edit all the photos I took in the Galapagos.  First thing first though, I wish to finish all the wedding photos this weekend so I can share them with friends.  


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