So I think I made a lot of decisions that seemed to make sense to me at the time but now seem like some really selfish and bad decisions.  Our life is reaching this point where, in front of us, there are several paths that lead to different directions.  We are not sure where each path will lead us to but we kind of have an idea what we want to achieve in the longer term.  There are voices that tell me to make a detour: this is time that you make amend - don't make the same mistake twice, you don't want the same regret twice.  I face with the question about the priorities in my life right now.  What are most important to me?  Family, career, life I want to pursue, or truth?

Someone said to me today:

You make many decisions in life.  You make those decisions for a certain goal.  You are heading towards the right direction - you want to have a happy life.  Yes, some of these are good decisions and sometimes you make some not so good decisions, but don't blame yourself when you make the wrong decision. Remember that you are only a human being and this is the only way you learn, by constantly learning so you don't make the wrong decision twice.  

Also, we tend to do what's best for our relationships, and forget to do what makes ourselves happy.  

Or what's right.

There are a lot to think about.


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