How do you judge?

How do you judge a person? How do you judge me?

They say I am data queen, he says I am dumb.
You say I am smart, I say I am slow.
She says I am resilient, I think I am cold blooded.
You say I am cool, you say I am passionate.
They say I am pretty, you say I look common.
I thought I was pessimistic, I think I am optimistic.
They say I am tough, She says I am a coward.
You think we are poor, I think we are rich.
She says I am artistic, he says I am not.
I say I am sensitive, you say I am insensitive.
She said I exceeded expectation, they said I only met theirs.

Sometimes I don't know who's right and who's wrong.
I don't know if I'm too proud or too modest.
I don't know whether I am good enough or not enough.

In fact, I think I am mediocre in everything.

Because it's all relative. It depends on how you feel that day, how nice or how mean you feel like; who you've met; what you know; what you don't know.

Unfortunately, most of them time we judge and voice our comments too readily.

And how do you judge somebody? Well maybe you don't.


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