Grey's Anatomy

When the oldest sister of the camping family told Meredith that she would take the head of family decision and when she told her younger brother and sister about their parents' death, I cried really hard. When Adam in 50/50 told his psych how scared he really was about death I broke down.
I've always loved a good sad story or tragedy, but I feel more connected to people's misfortunes than ever. On most days, it's the only thing that I could cry very hard to, as if it's my own suffering. They seem to find their way to connecting themselves to my own stories and somehow they turn on my tear glands and make my tears flow unlike my reality would. I don't know why it has to be this way, but I suppose they comfort me by giving me an outlet to release my emotion. Reality is sometimes too harsh because you find yourself so helpless in front of it, for whatever reason it is. I suppose this is why I try not to think too deep into it. But stories are different. They are someone else's misfortunes and there is always an ending to it so I don't have to live in the unknown or make any decision. 
In any case, sad stories are therapeutic. Before I am able to sort out my own problems, I will continue to find outlets through the silver screens and leaves of books.

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